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Home Staging

Home Staging....

     What is Home Staging?  Staging is different than interior design in regards to the overall impression you want to leave a potential buyer.  Your cherished home must appeal to a wide variety of buyers.  If you are planning on putting your home on the market the time to make all the necessary repairs and updates needed so your mls photos attract many buyers....is BEFORE you take the photos.  Have your home in the best possible condition it can be.  You only have one chance at a first impression!

     Whether you are in need of "Staging to Sell" or "Staging to Dwell", CRI offers Home Staging on both your vacant or occupied property.  Staging can be as little as 2 rooms or all major key areas in the home (such as kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bath.)

     CRI also offers a "walk and talk" property evaluation with a written report from the front door to the back yard.  A home owner  needing this service may need help arranging, decluttering and depersonalizing their home so that it may appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.  This process usually takes about 2 hours and is charged at an hourly rate.  A full line of furniture and accessories are available to rent if needed and will be charged according to need.
     Call or email for additional information and pricing.  kellyarent@comcast.net  269-876-9215


We are proud to partner with some of the most successful Real Estate offices in Southwest Michigan...every partnership ensures:

-Fixed and competitive consultation and staging prices
-Priority scheduling for Realtor Partners
-Exceptional professionalism, diplomacy, personal attention, customer service, follow-up and availability
-We can offer interior redesign/color consult gift certificates as a closing "Thank You" to your clients
-Fully insured team for every project
-visa/mc accepted