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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Haven Conference...nerd in headlights!!!

I just got home from the Atlanta Haven Conference and boy oh boy was I overwhelmed! It was my first time going so I was truly a newbie. But, no longer one now!!! I want to share my experience with you and wished I had more pics to share but seriously I was just soaking it all in and walking around like a "Nerd in the Headlights" If you were once a newbie you know exactly what I'm talking about!!! Thank goodness I was meeting up with some of my MMS retailer peeps...otherwise I would of been in a corner shaking like a little chihuahua....not really but they sure did make the overwhelming meet ups much easier!

There was so much to learn at Haven I just kept taking notes the entire time.  I was really looking for some basic 101 on SEO and tricks for great picture taking....and I achieved both and then some.  If anything,  I walk away from Haven with more confidense to just blog on what I enjoy!

Ok....so...I did mention that I was like "a nerd in headlights" right???  uhhh....that's me...photobomber!

I know, I should be embarrassed....but I'm not!!  Brooke from All Things Thrifty AND Stacy from Diamond in the Rough were so much fun to be around.  Ehhh....I don't think they even noticed me!

There was so much to do.. like famous bloggers to meet, classes to take, famous bloggers to stalk, do some hands on with Rustoleum, famous bloggers to stare at, hands on with Minwax and so much more stalking to do!   I really had all intentions to rub elbows with these famous peeps....but ya know what....I froze...yep sure did!  I did up close to these darling little gals from Shanty 2 Chic, Whitney and Ashley.  They are soooo stinkin cute!

Like I said....I didn't seem to take many pics....yah right....but I sure did seem to have pics taken of myself and some more awesome bloggers.  Here we have sweet Jen from Girl in the Garage.  It was so awesome to finally meet her in person!

All my anxiety about what to expect upon arrival and during all the classes were put to ease as soon as I walked into the hotel.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming!  The hotel was fabulous and the food....Oh My Lanta was it delish!  Look at this spread.  Maybe I shouldn't let the hubs see this....cuz he thinks I was at Haven taking notes and working on projects the entire time....no time to eat!  Ha!
And will you look at my Swag Bag!!  Holy skitake Batman.... And that was just from when I walked in the front door of the hotel.  By the time I was back at the airport checking my bags I was 14lbs heavier...."That will be $100 please!"  I say....WHAAAAA!    Good ol boy helped me "reorganize" the weight.  Phew!
I love me some FROGTAPE.  Best tape ever.  See that Washi tape in back there....it was ripped right from my hands as soon as it came out of the bag.   My girls luuuuvvvvv this stuff!!!

Yep...those are ginormous crab claws!!

Serious claws here folks!!

This was the finale night hosted by Ryobi and Home Depot!  They know how to sweeten a girl!

What a great adventure I had at the Haven Conference 2014.  I know next year will be just as fabulous and I will be sure to have my camera and not just pics from my phone!

And guess what???  I will never be a Haven newbie again!
Happy you were today and stay around awhile....you never know what you will find here!  You can find me chattering daily on facebook HERE!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summertime Fun Cash Giveaway!!!

Boy is it nice to have the kids out of school....even though it doesn't really feel like they are out of school! I think we are even busier than when they were IN school. My middle daughter plays 3 sports and even though we are out of season....we have a schedule booked solid of practice and conditioning just about every day thru July. That's crazy....I know! Thank goodness she can drive herself to all this madness!! 

Anywho, some blog friends and myself have another great CASH giveaway for you! That's right....CASH...like $650 in CASH. What do you have to do?? Let me tell you.....it's painless...just go visit all the awesome hosts and guests we have here today...leave them a little love and they/I will LOVE you back.....like ALOT!!! Seriously, there are some most spectacular uber cool people here...ya know! So GO...GO NOW!! Click away...leave us comments...we love comments! Makes us feel all special and such!!

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Hope you
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Great Beach $$$ Giveaway!!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

Welcome back to my little place in the blog world...where you never know what I will have to say!!

Today I bring you yet another spectacular giveaway.....YES and people really do win!!!  We have some great sponsors involved this time and many many more great reads as well....Go...Go now and check them ALL out....enter to win.....as many times as you possibly  can!  Who couldn't use 700 smack-a-roos...right???

This Beach Giveaway couldn't be more appropriate for our weather that  (cross our fingers) has finally broke!  I didn't think spring was ever going to get here.  Although, after looking around my yard/driveway...I wish it were still covered with.....uhhh...no I wasn't going to say SNOW......that's a forbidden word around here...HA.  Anywho, the deep freezing temperatures we had here in Michigan really did some damage on my plant's/trees....especially my Carpet Roses....they are completely burnt!  Oh well....right?  The sun is shining today and life is good.  
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Glad you are here and please come back often.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Luck of the Irish...brings a $750 Giveway!!

Hi my Lucky Lovelies!!

Phew, did the weekend fly by and with the lost hour I feel like I'm playing catch up today!  It finally feels like we are starting to turn the corner here in Michigan with the weather.  It actually reached 40* over the weekend....WAHOO.   Funny that I was doing the happy dance over 40* but Hey...I will take it.  It means Springtime is in the air and guess what else is in the air?  Yep....a giveaway....a BIG giveaway!!

Today 25 of the most inspiring blogs out there bring you a chance to win some Luck of the Irish cash....even if you are not Irish!  All you need to do is click click and click...oh and have fun too!

Happy Spring you all and GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday and a little sneak peak!

Welcome to another week of Throwback Thursday!  I am so glad you are here and hope you enjoy our pick's from last week.  Each week the link up seems to be bringing more and more linkers with some awesome projects!   We have some really talented people out there…ya know!!

 I personally LOVE a Throwback party because just sometimes I don't have a chance every week to put out a new project….geesh or even every other week.  The week just goes so fast I can hardly keep up with my email every day.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's a Winter Wonderland and Throwback Thursday!

Greetings my friends!  
Well, have you been keeping warm this past week?  We have had 9 snows days already in January!  We've had so much snow here it's been crazy but the real crazy is the below 0* temps the last 5 days.  We've had school days cancelled this week just because of dangerous temperatures!  Believe me when I say…"I have LOVED having my kids home... but enough is enough…it was time to go back to school today! 

I wish I could say that I got tons of deep cleaning and organizing done with the days off but that is SO not the case.  It was days of baking, playing games and eating way too much.  Going to hit my yoga class tomorrow…and start doing a little core strength training.

Now…it's time for Throwback Thursday and I can't wait to see what you all are going to bring us this week.  We had a tough time selecting our features this week because there were so many awesome link ups.  You guys ROCK!  Remember to have a look see to some of the other link ups…..say Hi…leave a comment, give em a "Like" and be sure to visit your hosts!  We love hearing from you.  Thanks for being here!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Come on over for another hook up with Throwback Thursday!

Welcome party peeps!!  I can't believe this week is half over already...where is time going?  I can hardly keep up....I have Post Its all over and most of them are from LAST WEEK...I know!!!  I need an assistant...Oh, I do...it's me!!!   Ok, so enough of that......

Are you ready for another week of Throwback Thursday???
We are!! There is nothing more fun then to see all the great projects you have done and have chosen to share them here with us.
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Chinese Soup Wall Art by The Silly Pearl
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red heart towel 9
Sweet Heart Towel by Posed Perfection
Alli’s Pick: DSC_5062ab
Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce Wraps by Sunflower Supper Club
Kelly's Pick: Photo1-1
Kitchen Island Makeover by A Stylish Interior
Karen's Pick:
Master Bedroom Reveal by Home Coming
looking down
IKEA Hemnes Double Desk by Inspire Me Heather
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Snow scenes Jan. 19 058
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