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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summertime Fun Cash Giveaway!!!

Boy is it nice to have the kids out of school....even though it doesn't really feel like they are out of school! I think we are even busier than when they were IN school. My middle daughter plays 3 sports and even though we are out of season....we have a schedule booked solid of practice and conditioning just about every day thru July. That's crazy....I know! Thank goodness she can drive herself to all this madness!! 

Anywho, some blog friends and myself have another great CASH giveaway for you! That's right....CASH...like $650 in CASH. What do you have to do?? Let me tell you.....it's painless...just go visit all the awesome hosts and guests we have here today...leave them a little love and they/I will LOVE you back.....like ALOT!!! Seriously, there are some most spectacular uber cool people here...ya know! So GO...GO NOW!! Click away...leave us comments...we love comments! Makes us feel all special and such!!

A huge thanks to our sponsors for helping make this giveaway happen.  Our major sponsors are:

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Hope you
enjoy all the good reads here! Y'all come back now!!