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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Great Beach $$$ Giveaway!!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

Welcome back to my little place in the blog world...where you never know what I will have to say!!

Today I bring you yet another spectacular giveaway.....YES and people really do win!!!  We have some great sponsors involved this time and many many more great reads as well....Go...Go now and check them ALL out....enter to win.....as many times as you possibly  can!  Who couldn't use 700 smack-a-roos...right???

This Beach Giveaway couldn't be more appropriate for our weather that  (cross our fingers) has finally broke!  I didn't think spring was ever going to get here.  Although, after looking around my yard/driveway...I wish it were still covered with.....uhhh...no I wasn't going to say SNOW......that's a forbidden word around here...HA.  Anywho, the deep freezing temperatures we had here in Michigan really did some damage on my plant's/trees....especially my Carpet Roses....they are completely burnt!  Oh well....right?  The sun is shining today and life is good.  
Now on to the Giveaway....

You guys ROCK!!!

These sponsors ROCK!!

We ALL Rock...right!!!

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Domestic Superhero // Craft Dictator // Just a Trace // Gingerly Made // An Alli Event // Sondra Lyn at Home // Yesterday on Tuesday // Just Us Four // Our Southern Home // Mod Podge Rocks // Up to Date Interiors // Swish Printables

Rafflecopter Script: a Rafflecopter giveaway Have a super duper Holiday weekend....the weather is going to be fantabulous!!
Glad you are here and please come back often.