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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Easy Homemade Applesauce recipe...hold the Pork Chops Please!!

Howdy my friends!  Today I want to share an easy peasy Applesauce recipe with you.

I don't know about you and your family but my family refuses to eat 2 things store bought…well a few more than 2 but that's another post!  One is Strawberry Jam and the other….Applesauce!  The apples here in Michigan are perfect and ready for the picken!  We didn't get out to pick our own this year but we often do.  This time I purchased them from our local farmers market.  I usually use 2 kinds of apples… a Golden Delicious and a Macintosh which has always worked out great in years past.  This year I received a little Apple 101 from the market.

I decided to get a little C R A Z Y and use 4 kinds of apples this year.  I know…what was I thinking?  Will it really make a difference in the taste?  We will find out!!!

So when I was getting my apple 101….I discovered a few apples I had never eaten before.  I was told that the Golden Delish needed 1 more week to sweeten….I said really, 1 week will make a big difference??  It was a stern YES I got!  Sooo, I used Golden Delicious Supreme…did ya know there was a "Supreme?"  I sure didn't.

I also used my usual Macitosh and added a mixture of Gala and Cortland (which I have never even eaten before.)  I was told to use 2 sweet and 2 not so sweet/tart apples to make a great applesauce.  That's exactly what I did, with the help of a friend we plowed thru a bushel in less than 2 hours for the peeling part.  Of course we had 2 of our handy dandy peeler thingy ma doodle!  It was a good thing we were outside…juice was flying everywhere!

I grabbed a girlfriend...who also happens to be my junkin friend….it's always good to have flexible friends! 
 A peeling we will go..a peeling we will go….hi ho the cheerio…yah ok you get it!!

Just take a gander of this awesomeness!!!  Perfect little spirals……the bee's liked them too!  ehhhhhh

After the apples were peeled, chopped and evenly mixed together they were put in a large stock pot for simmering.  I really have no recipe I just sort of do it.   Just to give you a rough estimate of how I prepared my sauce….I put about 5/6 cups of chopped apples and a small amount of water…maybe a 1/2 C.  Keep a lid on your apples while they start to simmer.  As they start to soften you can then mash as you go.  My family likes it chunky so I usually take a cup or 2 out and set aside while I mash mash mash til smooth then add back my chunks and mash a little more…just til I like it.  I put in about 1/2 C of sugar and a couple dashes of cinnamon in pot.

This is what my chunky sauce looks like!!!  Nice, huh???  Now, for it to cool off.

After all the cooling (and tasting of course)…I loaded up gallon size freezer bags with about 5 C each.  I usually put my sauce in plastic containers but I decided to do it this way for better stacking storage in the freezer.  The 1 full bushel of apples that I started with yielded 17 gallon size bags!!  This is the easiest recipe ever and my family loves it.  Try it out and put your own twist on it….more sugar, less sugar or even add red hot cinnamon candies that will turn your sauce a little pink…fun fun!!

You ask….Does it really make a difference using 4 kinds of apples?  It definitely tasted different than years past AND we loved it.  2 thumbs up by everyone in my house!  The bushel of sauce will not last long because my family not only eats it as a side dish they also put their applesauce on toast and scoop it up with chips…well I guess that's ME who does that!  So, no pork chops needed!!  Nonetheless, we fly thru it here! Tell me how you make your applesauce AND your favorite way to eat it!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I always appreciate your comments….so ya….leave me one!!!
Have a super week my friends!