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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall recipe....good anytime of the year!

 It's getting that time of year when we start thinking about warm foods, apple cider and scents of cinnamon!  We've had some strange weather lately and it has made it hard to decide from one day to the other what kind of food to prepare.  You don't always think of crockpot foods or hot soups when it's 80* outside....but here in my neck of the woods it's been 80 one day and 40 at night the next!  

I have been cleaning out my recipes  and tossing the one's that are either too time consuming or my kids just refuse to eat.  I found a couple of good ole staple recipes that are keepers and want to share.  This chunky Potato Soup is definitely a keeper and has the kids stamp of approval.  

Leaving the skins on will give you that hearty look and taste!

Don't mind my dirty cook top!

And YES...we were also making Quesadilla's.

You can vary this recipe to your liking as I did.  
I have had this recipe for years and I no longer remember where I originally got it from.

Hearty Potato Soup

3 cups of cubed potatoes
1/2 cup chopped  celery
1/2 cup diced  onion
1 cube chicken bouillon
1 cup of water
1 tsp dried parsley
1/2 tsp salt
pinch ground black pepper
2 tsp flour
1 1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups shredded American cheese
1 cup chopped ham

Throw your cubed potatoes in a large pot with the celery, onion, chicken bouillon, water and parsley ( I happen to keep fresh parsley in my freezer so I threw in a small handful.)   Salt and pepper to taste and simmer til veggies are tender.  (I boiled my potatoes separate from the other veggies because I didn't want my potatoes to be too soft.)

In separate bowl mix the flour and milk ( I used 1/2&1/2 for creamier base)  Once it's well blended add it to the soup mixture and cook til thick.
Then add the cheese  (I usually only add about half the amount of cheese and I used processed Velvetta)  Then add your diced ham.....this time I added about 5 slices of well cooked crumbled bacon. Yummmmm.....it's not a skinny soup by any means but you can adjust a bit by using 2% milk....but WHY!!!

Everyone here loves this soup!

Thanks for stopping by today....have a great fall weekend!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

$225 Target AND $100 Plum Box gift card Giveaway!!!

Well Helllllloooooo there my friends!!!  I have been super duper busy....getting my oldest off to college was a biggie!  He came home last night for about 7 minutes.....ahhhh...7 minutes is better than nothing I guess.  

Anywho,  I'm back and so ready to get at it!  I have a MMSMP training class in a week that I'm driving to Ellicott, MD with Allison Hop from The Golden Sycamore....and hopefully meeting up with Debbie from Tweak & Style!!!  I will be back with oddles of knowledge on the coolest paint ever to share with you!!!

I have 2 friends that I want to celebrate their 1 Year Blogiversary with.....Jen from Girl in the Garage and Shanna from Restoration Redoux!!!  I would love for you to jump on over here and enter the giveaway!!!

It's been one year since Girl in the Garage and Restoration Redoux started blogging and we're celebrating by offering a big giveaway!
There will be TWO winners:
1st prize- $225 gift card to Target
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