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Friday, August 9, 2013

Duck Egg Round Table....Redo

 Duck Egg Round Table....Redo

I want to share with you a table project that I have been working on for awhile.  A little bit at a time that is!!  I'm not sure I have ever started a project and finished it straight thru with out taking days and days to finish it without working on another project at the same time.  Well, here you have an average round table....so I thought!!!

Contrary to this pic the stain was super dark and pretty beat up and it had a really bad water ring on it...which you can see in the center where I started to sand it right away.  I used my trusty stripper gel all over the surface of this piece.  If I were going to paint the top I wouldn't have bothered to strip the top but I knew I wanted to strip and restain this piece.

After I scaped all the old stain and goo off I then started to sand her down.

Holy Moly....look at that wood...I was so excited to see that it was in perfect shape even after I sanded the water ring out.

I stained it with a Minwax Provincal medium stain and sealed it with 5 coats of Poly waterbased sealer....with a light sanding in between layers.  I next started on the base of the table which I wanted to use ASCP in Duck Egg  There were so many twist and turns with groovy groves all over I painted Old White in those areas because I was going to distress her after the Duck Egg.

I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I finished it up and sealed it with Annie Sloan clear wax.

She has since been taken to my Booth at Great Lakes Antique Mall and is for sale.  I love the top of this table and I know someone special will make her a great home.  

Happy Friday and Thanks for visiting today!  If you like this Redo feel free to PIN her!  

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour brings you....My Favorite Painted Project!

Highlight of my favorite Paint Project....Union Jack!

I can tell you that this week is going to be fantastic and is going to keep me hopping all week....for many reasons!  Besides having a truckload of fresh paint treasures to take out to Booth 172, I am leaving Tuesday for a last minute trip to Disneyland with my family and I have not 1 thing in a suitcase!  Does anyone else pack at the last minute like me?  Alrighty then!   But the biggest news is that I have the great honor of co-hosting Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour with 23 other bloggers that are the best in the biz!  Can't believe they wanted little ole me to join them.  This is going to be colossal ...WHY you ask?  I love learning from the Pro's!

The tour was created out of saddness (sniff sniff)........saddness that none of us got to go to the Haven Conference in Atlanta where we would of met and mingled with other bloggers, sat in class given by more Pro's, might of won a trinket or two, laughed until we cried and came home with a wealth of info to put to use!   So what do sad blogger chicks do when they are sad....brainstorm...you're right!!!!

The week long tour will bring you all sorts of goodness from everyone and I am going to share with you one of my all time favorite furniture redo's.  Little Union Jack!  He was my favorite because I had absolutely no idea what I was going to transform him into until I had the paint brush in my hand.....seriously!

Here's little Jack....kinda pitiful looking and a little wobbley!  Had to get out serious tools for this guy.  Yep that's him....the little 2 tiered frail looking guy!  You can look here at the original post.

After the flag of the United Kingdom came to me I got out my paints and painted away with Miss Mustard Seed-Flow Blue with a little bonding agent .  I have seen many UK flags painted on furniture before in many different colors and they all look great in their own way but one thing that I was seeing on a few flags was....not accurated stripes and dimensions.  I went a little loco when I saw that.  I found an exact flag here.

Even tho this is an oval table it worked out just fine...don't ya think??  After a little MMSMP-Tricycle I started Frog Taping some lines.

After I had painted lines exactly where they were to be I slowly peeled the tape away and I screeched in horror!  It was pulling up paint....so what's a gal supposed to do besides scream more....pull up more!  And look at all the glorious character he is sporting!  I just went with it!

Go with the flo and randomness is why this paint project was my favorite!  Sometimes when you over think and plan a project you set yourself up for disappointment when it doesn't turn out the way you had envisioned!  And he sold the week I took him to the booth....wahoo!

How do you plan your projects?  Way in advance or as you go?

Now go wander around my blog for a bit leave me some love and a message or two then go visit all the gals on the list for Monday down at the bottom of this post.  You can sneak ahead and pre-browse if you want but be sure to go back on their post day!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post today it really brings a smile to my face and chivers up my neck....oh I was just thinking about this week in Disney!   NO....I do not ride any rides.....even the kiddie rides make me sick.  I know, sad right!!!  But I will be spending time with the hubs and my 3 kiddos.

Here's the schedule:

Monday, Aug. 5:

Tuesday, Aug. 6:

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Friday, Aug. 9:

This is a great opportunity to see some great projects, browse new blogs and make some new blog friends. It's almost like being a part of the Haven Conference.  Plus, it's FREE!  

Start here on Monday to see the first five great blogs and keep following all week.  On Monday, August 12, we'll post a round-up of all the great projects for you to see on one page.

I'm looking forward to a fun week of touring blogs!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Haven at Home Blog Tour

Haven Bloggers Conference....right here at Home

You ask....what is Haven?  Well let me tell you!  It is a ginormous (is that a word) bloggers conference in Atlanta where bloggers go to learn and teach in the world of blogging.  It's a DIY'ers world of glory!  And it's a great way to actually meet other spectacular bloggers in person....some that they may have been coversing with for years but have never meet in person.   So to tell you the truth, when the conference was announced and tickets were being sold I didn't jump on one because being new to blogging I was a little intimidated!  I know...crazy huh??  Anywho, as Haven went on without me all the photo's and post started popping up it kinda made me kick myself  and wonder why I'm not there.  Well, enough with the pity party!  One fantastic gal from the blog world  said the "Let's do a Haven at Home" tour!  I certainly jumped on that ticket....duh!!  We have 24 phenominal bloggers ready to roll with a tour that will knock your tool belt off!!

Starting Monday 5th, each day 5 amazing bloggers will share their favorite DIYproject, home tour, re-do or paint project with you through out the week.  Then on Monday we will have a wrap up party so you need to stick around and join the fun!  Who knows, you may want to join us some day!

I am looking forward to this week of sharing all of the goodness from around bloggy world!

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