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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Union Jack-Repurposed table

 Union Jack-Repurposed table

I want to share a transformation with you today that actually took awhile to do....not because it was a difficult transformation but because it took me so long to decide what to do with this little old table.  I wanted to transform it completely out of the "old" state it was in to something new and exciting!  I picked this  little lady up on the 3rd day of a garage sale....can't believe she was still there...AND only a couple of bucks!

Little Miss 2 tier!

This table sat and sat in my garage for about 4 months before I drug it in the house and started on it.  I have always wanted to do a Union Jack flag on something but this oval table didn't feel like the right fit for a flag.  Guess what...I did it any way!  I looked up different styles/colors/dimensions and such.  Here is where I found the correct dimensions to start the transformation.

I painted the entire table in Miss Mustard Seed milk paint- Flow Blue with the bonding agent added.  I then line drew out the first layer....painted it Tricycle Red of course MMSMP with bonding agent....because I really didn't want any chippyness!

Next...I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Old White" slightly watered down.  Still just pencil drawing and rough painting the edges.  Last the skinny lines on top of the Old White....I used blue painters tape to tape it off because I didn't trust my free hand at drawing the lines.  

Look what happened....at the time I was so upset that it pulled my white paint up.  Then after stepping back and counting to like 100...I just kinda went with it.  I laid the blue painters tape in random places and started pulling it up.  Looks kinda cool eh???

Today she was taken to booth 172 at Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma, Michigan.  Wouldn't she make a great statement piece.....and only $89....she won't last long.

Thanks for stopping by today....see you soon!

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