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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keeping it real...

Sometimes I stress about posting for you all instead of just POSTING!

WELP...this here is a true presentation of what the last couple of days have been like around here.  OK...it's been like this for over a week.  Since it is sport season no one is home to eat at the counter anyway so I'm safe from them putting their grubby little hands on my projects!  Although I do have a fabulous craft room...but DUH..it's in the basement!  Too far to walk of course!!

Actually all 6 of these project are going out to Booth 172 today!  (I hope)
 As far as I can see....I have.....oh about 6 projects on the counter going on right now!  Which in all reality.....is all the time.  I never seem to finish a project in it's complete form without having at least 2 others that I can bounce around to.

Am I alone here my friends...please tell me I'm not alone!!!  I wonder if there is a support group for crazies like me!

Thanks for letting me share my messy kitchen!  Please stop by for more reality!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm Loving a little Navy right now!

I currently am working with a client that has given me an open color palette to choose furniture and accessories.   We have selected SW 6128 Blonde for the surrounding walls and all trim is white....the rest is open!  I have so many thoughts running thru my head on which direction to run in but taking in account the style of the home, personality of the adults and 3 small children....I'm thinking the sofa needs to be the POP in the room....perhaps Navy...hmmm maybe hot pink!  

Sometimes a fresh redesign boggles my mind because there are so many fantastic furniture selections and accessories to drool over.  I have been looking at so many beautiful spaces lately and I have a few here for you to drool over as well.

Oh how I LOVE green!
via House Beautiful
I love the gray and teal/ocean blue for contrast.  Wish there was a little orange or coral tossed in there!
Bassett Furniture
Do you LOVE the pink or not??
via Pinterest
Can you say OHHHH  La La!!!!!
via HGTV

This feels and looks so comfy as if it were a glammed up beach house!  Love the chair with the green legs.
House of Turquoise

This is one of my fav's...love the contrast!!!  Check out the stacked turtle lamp!
via Quadrille

Rustic and welcoming.....I Like!!  I'm so going to make this table!
via Pinterest

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Poodle skirts for a fashion show!

Some time ago my daughters elementary school had a fashion show for a fundraiser and I'm just now getting around to showing you what we made.  It was a show where the kids could dress however they wanted...fancy gowns, tv character etc.  She and 3 of her classmates decided they would be girlies from the 50's.  Great...super...easy peasy!  A white shirt, poodle skirt and pony tail..done!  Well, of course they all wanted to match AND of course my darling daughter volunteered me to make them!  Sure..how hard can they be????

Let me start by saying....I have an amazing Janome sewing machine BUT I really don't know all that it can do.....AND...I can sew but I hate to follow directions let alone use a pattern!  Soooo.....this is what I did....I went to my mama's house for....guidance. {wink}

Yep, this is my mama!  She also has a Janome sewing machine....but actually knows how to use all the bells and whistles on it..unlike me!

Seriously....we did not use a pattern....probably should have but that would of taken a trip to JoAnn's....So Nah...let's just get on with it.  All 4 girls seem to be about the same size so 4 exactly the same it was!  We just guessed on how wide we go to make a nice laying skirt with a little movement!  I know....lazy!

I brought along my "now" new favorite tool to test...not knowing if it really is worth the money.

My new OLFA Rotarty Cutter definitely was worth the money.  This gadget is sharp as sharp can be!  Let's just say...I ruined some fabric that got caught under where I was cutting.  I know...duh...clear the work space!  It went right on thru.  So a 2 thumbs up for the Rotary Cutter by OLFA.  Get one folks....especially if you do a lot of straight cutting.  It's about $30 at Joann but HELLO...50% off coupon makes it about $15.  Dont forget..you can download an app for Joann and then you don't need to bring your paper coupons.

Look at that cutter gliding along so smoothly!  Well,  pretend you see it gliding!!

Yep, that there is my mama's hands.  She took over the sewing!  And who was I to argue with her!

Would ya look at the heart trim work!  There is no way it would of came out so nicely if I had done it!

There ya have it....4 colorful A-line skirts!

Well of course we had to make hair scrunchie with the left over fabric!  We added a poodle applique and there ya go!

Do they look happy or what!  They actually won and raised the most money for our church fundraiser!  Wahoo
Thanks for the help Mama...love ya!

Thanks for reading today!  Stay around a bit and browse some of my other projects!