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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Darling petite hutch in Luckett's Green Milk Paint!

This was one of my favorite pieces to refinish.  She only stands 60" tall but she stands to claim some attention!!!  I decided to give my new delivery of Miss Mustard Seeds Luckett's Green Milk Paint a whirl.  Let me say....it was my first attempt at milk paint...yes I was nervous.  I did call on a little help from my friend Sheri Carle at Vintage Retold.  She gave me that nudge I needed.  Thanks Sheri!!

Isn't she darling....all 60" of her!

Ok--so I got the Luckett's Green and I also selected Linen for the accent area's.  As it started to dry and do it's milk paint thing.....more and more of the paint was coming off than I wanted!  I thought all the Linen was going to come off and expose ALL of the wood.  I did not want that!!  That's when I gave Sheri a ring.

So I started painting a second coat of Linen....guess what?  It came off in the same exact places....hmmmm  that's probably why it came off in the first place....it was meant to have no paint there!  Go figure!

Next I decided she needed a little darkness to her.  I rubbed the entire piece with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.
Messy...I should be wearing gloves BUT that would be like reading the directions...who does that??

Look at all her loveliness!!

I gave her a little sanding here and there then reapplied dark wax.

All finished and I think she turned out fantastic for my first milk paint adventure!  She is going in my booth at the  Great Lakes Coloma Antique Mall and will be for sale $275.
Have a great day and Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't throw it out.....restyle your furniture!

Hello to all my readers....it's been a few weeks since I have been around here.  The Christmas season got the best of me.  With all the shopping, baking and holiday events at the kids schools..it didn't leave much time to work on any projects.  Although, I did have time to squeeze a little painting in for a client that really wanted her end tables and TV console before the holidays hit.  

Here is the Tv console and 2 side tables.  Both in great shape just in need of a little updating.  Don't pay any attention to all the other furniture in the back ground staring at you...ah-hem I will get to it very soon....I really want to park on my side of the garage before we have a foot of snow!!!

I started with the console and since it was going to get lots of use I decided to prime it first.  Which I don't normally prime when using chalk paint but I did for extra measures.  This is one of my favorite primers...why can't primer be mixed any darker?

This primer actually looks a tad purple....yikes!!
She is all finished and sealed with 3 layers of Annie Sloan Wax.

Here we have the side tables that my client wanted only the apron and legs restyled.  Great idea-a good call on her part. 

Added a slight distressing to the details.

And the finished tables with a layer of wax.

So what do you think of these restyled tables?  No need to buy new tables when you can give them a face lift with a little paint.  I love working with Chalk Paint especially since I can work indoors with no fumes and the sanding stays at a minimum.

If you have some old furniture that is outdated and your thinking of tossing it out....try to give it a new life by painting it.  If you are in the area and would like us to restyle a piece of furniture give us a call at 269-876-9215 Copper Roof Interiors LLC  for a quote.

Have a great day you all.....and see you soon.  I have some new projects I want to show you!