"". Copper Roof Interiors: September 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lovely pickin's...

Good morning to all!  
Yep..it was a pickin day!  When I go out hunting I never expect to find extreme loveliness....it's usually just a great day out with my pickin friend.  Whatever we find or not find is good with us! We make our way to the top 3 or 4 secret picken places about every other week.  
Did I mention my garage looks like a salvage yard!!  Hubs just rolls his eyes!!!

 But, Holy Moley...when I spot some loveliness my heart races and my head is picking fabrics and paint colors as I throw myself on it so no one takes my treasure...You pickers out there know exactly what I'm saying!!!  How bout it!!  

 This pair of chairs is a rare find in perfect condition with the cane all in tact.  Wahoo!
A pair of "Lovelies"
I could see this "couple" in a 2 different coordinating fabrics.

Isn't this full headboard awesome!

This is pure cuteness!
 Maybe Pink!!  Annie Sloan here I come!
Do you treasure hunt?  Grab a friend, a bag of snacks (cuz there's no time for lunch) and make a day of it....it will be sure to make you smile!

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